Free Online Courses 2022-2023 Free Certificates by King’s College London


King’s College London offers a selection of Free Online courses with no cost certificates that are hosted by Future Learn. The online courses are free and open to all. You are able to obtain a free certificate of Achievement when you have completed the course.

Its King’s College London free online courses were developed with King’s academics. They often feature the most recent research in a specific area. The courses allow students to connect with other students from all over the globe, and also to increase their knowledge and understanding of a particular area.

King’s College London offers a variety of online courses that are free on Future Learn however, certificates for free are available with only a handful of courses. In this article, we’ll exclusively discuss courses for free that come with free certificates.

Don’t miss out on this incredible chance. King’s is among the 10 best UK universities worldwide (QS Global Rankings for 2020).

Courses Offered by:

  • King’s College London | King’s Online

Online Learning center:

  • Future Learn

No. of Free Online Courses that offer Certificates:

  • 5 Short Courses for Free

Description Free Online Courses:

  • Basic English 1 Elementary
  • Basic English 2. Pre-Intermediate
  • English for Healthcare
  • A Brief Introduction to Business Management
  • Introduction to Nursing The role of nurses All Over the World

King’s Free online courses Benefits:

  • Free of Cost
  • Access to this course for life
  • The PDF certificate of Achievement

1# Elementary English 1 Elementary

Advertising –Learn to speak basic English to use in everyday situations and enhance your listening skills through this course online.

This online course is free and can help you master the basics of English techniques. It will help you feel confident in daily situations and will aid in improving your listening abilities.

Make use of your smartphone or computer to listen to people speaking in English in many different situations . You can also take a test of your comprehension with tests.

You can choose to interact with other students in English and respond in a short manner to basic discussion questions.

After the course at the end of the course, you’ll have the ability be able to…

  • Recognize the different languages commonly used in everyday activities like talking to classmates, studying or discussing work
  • Gain confidence in essential language components that can be helpful in a variety of different situations
  • Use language skills in daily conversations
  • Develop a solid understanding of the languages that will help learners on their route to studying at the university level.

 visit this official site.


2# Elementary English 2. Pre-intermediate

Improve your English to be able to use it in various situations in your life and gain faith in your hearing abilities.

In this class, you will improve your English abilities. You will increase your proficiency of English across a wider variety of situations, and improve your ability to listen.

You can improve your English abilities by listening to people converse in various scenarios, and then you’ll examine your skills by responding to short, concise questions in a discussion.

After the course, you’ll feel more confident about your ability to communicate and comprehend the basics of English.

After the course you’ll be able at…

  • Find the words that are used in common situations like shopping, studying, and discussing time and schedules.
  • Gain confidence in the phrases that are helpful in a variety of different situations
  • Use language skills in daily conversations
  • Show understanding of relevant languages that will help the learner move forward to attending a university

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3# English for Healthcare

Learn to improve your communication and language abilities for a job in healthcare. You can also learn new words for healthcare in English.

Healthcare’s language isn’t always easy to understand. In this course, you’ll improve your English proficiency and acquire the vocabulary needed for your career and studies in the field of healthcare.

You will be taught about healthcare terminology and the best way to effectively communicate in different professional settings. You will practice your listening skills through the recordings made by healthcare specialists, and check the knowledge you have acquired by writing responses to questions in the discussion.

After completing this course, you’ll be more comfortable using the language of healthcare and will be able to understand how to apply the skills you learned in the healthcare environment.

After the course you’ll be able at…

  • Apply your language skills to various health-related contexts and scenarios. For instance, making use of adjectives in describing symptoms and using words associated with problems/solutions, as well as causes/effects.
  • Interpret various genres that are typical of healthcare, like notes, instructions journal entries, reflective journals and registration forms
  • Learn new terms and vocabulary in relation to health care
  • Choose the appropriate communication methods for various professional situations for instance, in giving directions to patients
  • Review your lessons learned, and then practice writing your thoughts in a journal. Use your language skills to analyze your experience
  • Document and gather medical information through reading and listening for specific details.

For more information 

ENGLISH for Health Care – OFFICIAL Link

4# An Introduction to Business Management

Learn how you can manage money, people, and data, and gain confidence and knowledge of your own style of management.

This course will help you acquire the business management skills that will be useful to your personal life in university, your studies or the workplace.

Learn to apply and apply important business concepts, tools, and terminology as you explore four essential aspects of management in business including managing people, managing finances managing information, and most importantly, managing yourself and knowing your own.

Learn to effectively communicate in everyday business settings. You’ll examine your personal leadership and management style and think about the notions of sustainability, success and social responsibility.

At the end of the course you’ll be able be able to…

  • Utilize a variety of tools, concepts and terms to everyday business scenarios
  • Define the importance of management of businesses to you and your family
  • Determine your personal strengths or interests and then figure out what you can do to enhance them.
  • Consider the advantages and challenges in working with others, including collaboration and listening to other people, feedback and negotiation
  • Define the key elements of a business concept to investors and customers who are interested in the idea.
  • Re-evaluate what you’ve learned and then use this knowledge now.

For more information 

ONLINE Business Management Course

5# An Introduction to Nursing The Role of Nurses All over the World

Know the role of nurses, from personal care to helping families and communities, all the way to public health and infection prevention.

Are you considering nursing careers? Learn more about this course in which you will learn how nursing is a factor in the well-being and health of communities and individuals around the globe.

You will discover the many roles nurses have to play in their work, and also the role played by nurses in the field of public health. You will be able to understand the fundamentals of nursing and how nurses can aid individuals and communities take care of themselves.

This course was created through The Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery & Palliative Care in the context of the PADILEIA project. The course is funded through SPHEIR UK aid.

At the end of the course you’ll be able be able to…

  • Learn about the role of nurses around the world and describe the distinct value of the nurse
  • Define the concepts of holistic care and how to apply holistic care in the context of local well-being and health.
  • Study the impact of nurses’ contribution to the lives of patients and the local communities
  • Consider the role of and the World Health Organization in public health
  • Find out what factors contribute to well-being and health.
  • Discuss the role nurses play in improving the health of women; gender equality; more robust economies

For more information :

Introduction to Nursing – OFFICIAL Link


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